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53 Grade OPC

The Genesis of NCL Industries Limited can be traced to the Golden Era of entrepreneurial development in Andhra Pradesh (pre-bifurcation) of the early 1980’s.

Nagarjuna Cement

53 Grade OPC Cement in India

Ordinary Portland Cement(OPC) also known as Grey cement. It has 95 percent clinker and 5 percent gypsum and other materials. It accounts for 70 percent of total consumption. 43 Grade is suitable for foundation concrete, slabs columns of buildings, concrete works, underwater works, canal lining, plastering etc.
NCL Industries Ltd. has been serving the construction industry of Andhra Pradesh for the past 30+ years with the top quality cement under the brand name Nagarjuna cement. Nagarjuna is a premium brand of cement, the company operates two units, one at Simhapuri in Telangana and the other at Kondapalli in AP.

Nagarjuna cement is available in various types of Grades like Ordinary portland cement(OPC),43 53 Grades, pozzolana portland cement and a special cement IRS Grade 53 S. Nagarjuna is the only private company in A.p that manufactures special 53-S grade cement.The properties of Nagarjuna cement far exceed the requirement of BIS specifications.It has seven offices across five states. NCL maintains fully equipped laboratories. It is a premium brand with well established quality and internal standards at an ISO 9001-2008 company.

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