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Overview of Nagarjuna RMC


Contact Numbers

Hyderabad: +91 93908 01008

Vizag: +91 93920 80905

The key ingredient of Nagarjuna Ready Mix Concrete is superior quality OPC 53 grade Nagarjuna Cement. As a brand promise, Nagarjuna RMC uses the best raw materials & fine aggregates in the mix. The entire process is computerized & monitored by highly experienced engineers & skilled crew. The plants also possess fully equipped laboratories that work round the clock to test different grades of concrete at various stages.

The mechanized operation & speedy delivery of RMC helps builders reduce costs, worries of storage, supervisory expenses & project commissioning time. All our plants are equipped with twin shaft concrete mixers to ensure homogenous mix. We offer a mix that is hundred percent scientifically made & free from human errors. The aggregates used in every batch are thoroughly cleaned & graded stricly as per IS norms. All the special additives used are branded. In the event of a request from customers, we also add fly ash & GGBS to the mix.

A major benefit of Nagarjuna RMC is its assurance of quality as the plant has adequate control over the size, shape & grade of the aggregates & optimal management on water-cement ratio. We have deployed the best equipment for transit & for pumping concrete. Our pump capacity will cover as many as 20 storeys with flexible end to manage the entire area of the slab, effectively avoiding humps. The flexible hose pipe attached at the end of pipeline makes pouring convenient at the point of placing, thus reducing shovelling / dragging & avoiding segregation.

Currently, Nagarjuna has commissioned three plants in Hyderabad & two plants in Visakhapatnam. Both the plants are equipped with adequate number of transit mixers with 6 cubic meters capacity to ensure uninterrupted distribution.

Why Nagarjuna RMC?

1) The chemical and physical characteristics of raw materials are analysed thoroughly.

2) Unique flexibility in grades of concrete, transportation and logisitics.

3) Assurance of consistent quality & quantity for required grade at any given time.

4) Continuous mechanized operation to ensure speed at construction site.

5) Builders are free from worries of ordering, procuring, transporting, storing and processing the aggregates.

6) Minimum material wastage in the entire construction process.

7) Eliminate unneeded labourers at the work site.

8) Environment – friendly with no dust and pollution.

9) Application coordinators exclusively dedicated to each pumping operation who provide advice regarding placing, compacting, finishing and curing of concrete.

Application coordinators provide the following services :

 1) Advice on correct alignment of shuttering and formwork before starting pouring ofconcrete.

2) Coordination for pumping operation and actual requirement of concrete.

3) Coordination with plant for requirement of enough number of transit mixers.

Checking the quality of concrete in terms of workability and contact the plant for any rectification, if required.

Advice regarding maintaining correct thickness of slab, compaction, finishing, protection and curing.

Advice on precautionary measures during rainy season and for hot weather concreting.

Assist in testing of concrete at site.